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Hyper Flight Flyball Club wins the 2010 U-FLI Division I Championship in St. Louis, Missouri on Nov 14th, 2010. 

Video of last race!


Yikes and Secret prestigiously held the back up positions for the Championship Team, which is not an easy task I might add!!   Square One Border Collies (AKA...their mother) is VERY proud of them!!!!

Yikes earns his U-FLI Top Flight Expert plaque on May 2, 2010.




Hyper Flight Flyball Club wins 2009 U-FLI Flyball Division I Championships in Kearney, Nebraska


Temper, Split, Link, Yikes (Square One), Chex


Hyper Flight Flyball Club wins 2009 Singles Championships in Kearney, Nebraska


Blur, owned and handled by Mike Keck finished 1st in both the round robin and the single-elimination tournament to take the title. 

Secret, owned and handled by Kristi Bowman of Square One Border Collies clinches 4th place in her FIRST year of racing!! 


Yikes in the local newspaper, 2009


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