Comebye Lock Stock and Barrel, TFFC-III
Ch. Shoreland Riptide x Comebye On the Edge

Health Clearances:

PennHIP - 90th Percentile (.35 x .30)
OFA - Hips Good / Elbows Normal
CERF -  coming soon
BAER -  normal
DNA CEA/CH - normal
DNA CL - normal

One word describes this handsome guy best....HEART!!!  His devotion is unmeasurable.  Yikes started racing flyball in fall of 2007 and has consistently increased his times, dipping into the 3.7's a couple of times, he now averages mid 3.8's every tournament.  My teammates called Yikes the hero of Hyper Flight's 2009 U-FLI Division I Championship team.  I don't recall a happier day for me!  And Yikes was called upon again for 2010 to play the very important back up role on our Division I Championship team.   When not at work, Yikes is amazingly gentle and affectionate, sweet and loving.  I literally could not ask for anything more than what I found in Yikes!  From his rock star hair to his zealous attitude, Yikes has definitely stolen my heart!

Yikes Feb 2011 flyball video



Thanks to Comebye Border Collies for an amazing dog!

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