Rising Sun Shh Don't Tell , TFP
Cub x Rising Sun Peg

Health Clearances:

PennHIP - 80th percentile (.37 x .37)
CERF - 2007, 2011
BAER - normal 2011
DNA CEA - normal by parentage
Triple registered AKC, ABCA, ISDS

My "beauty and brains" girl got the best of both worlds!  Secret comes from working lines and definitely carries the intelligence that these dogs have.  Secret is very athletic and has a fast, silky stride.  With her beautiful coat, striking brown eyes, and amazing body, she is quite a head turner.   Secret is very agile and quick on her feet.  In 2009, Secret's first year of flyball, she ranked 5th fastest singles time at 3.743 seconds and won 4th place in singles at the U-FLI Championships in Kearney, NE.  For 2010, Secret advanced to the back up role on our Division I Championship team.  In Grove Oklahoma on April 3rd, 2011 Secret posted her new best time of 3.730 seconds - Proving there is always more to come with this girl.  When Secret is not working, she is very affectionate and insists on having her paw on me at all times...showing trust that is priceless.  This beautiful girl really makes me happy, and I am so very thankful to have her.

Secret's singles debut May 2009 video

Championships 2010 St. Louis, Missouri                                  Championships 2009 Kearney, NE

Photos Courtesy of Lisa Kronz

Cub     (photos Courtesy of Rising Sun Farm)

Peg       (photos courtesy of Rising Sun Farm)


I would like to thank Becky at Rising Sun Farm for believing in me and Secret.

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