OffOn My Way, TFP-I
Tri-Hard's Cutting Edge x Imp. Shiver


Health Clearances:

PennHIP - 80th percentile (.36 x .32)
CERF - Clear 2013
BAER - Normal
DNA CEA - Carrier

Lyric is a fabuous athlete that is well on her way to a bright career in flyball.  Her recall off the box is AMAZING!!!!  I can't say enough about the work ethic of this girl, she is completely dedicated to her job.  With superior structure and spectacular musclar tone, she has the endurance that most others can just dream of.   All of that, and then she DEMANDS a BIG hug and kiss!  What a joy to have her in our life.  I couldn't be happier with her in every aspect!

Lyric's singles debut May 2009 video

Bowman Farms March 2011







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